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Spezie in vasi

More than Italian 
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To produce our spices and seasonings, we are committed to selecting collaborators, suppliers and partners in the Emilia Romagna region. It is a prudent choice, with the aim of offering customers the best quality standards and fully respecting the value of Reggio's gastronomic tradition. A true marriage between Alceste and Emilia, which is celebrated every day in our laboratories and on your tables

The 4 key advantages of an Emilian supply chain

1. Quality raw materials, which arrive still fresh in our laboratories.

2. A more fluid, rapid and direct control of the entire processing path, to guarantee an impeccable final product.

3. Work creates work: we like to think we are making a contribution to our local area, generating growth and positive effects on those who work with us.

4. Food is not made only of ingredients, but contains an impalpable alchemy of knowledge, which become innate habits. Collaborating every day with those who have always shared these small and big secrets guarantees full respect for the gastronomic culture that we intend to preserve and pass on.



Enhance a flavour, underline the character of a dish, enrich a dish giving it unmistakable scent notes. With Alceste Aromi it is possible to do so, without neglecting the principles of a balanced and correct diet. In particular, our research focuses on the production of flavourings, spices and flavor enhancers with an extremely reduced quantity of salt, but which, by virtue of perfected blending, guarantee organoleptic performances of the highest quality.

Zero salt in your recipes, thanks to our product Without salt 



Authentic gastronomic secrets emerge from an ancient corpus of recipes, kept in trunks and sideboards of old country farmhouses. Like sibylline alchemical formulas that only a few initiates are given to know, they reveal lost knowledge and surprisingly modern blends of spices.

Today Alceste Aromi draws directly from the source of that wisdom, adding a technical matrix research, to guarantee excellent flavorings not only from an organoleptic point of view, but also from a healthy point of view.

Our spices, our flavourings, our aromas are the result of a journey that also intends to accompany the palates of the new generations to rediscover the surprising contemporaneity of the peasant tradition of the Reggio Emilia lands.

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