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The story of Alceste


It happened one spring morning. The project was to renovate the old farmhouse where he was born and cone of our great-grandfathers was born. Rummaging through the dusty trunks in the attic, dozens of crumpled notebooks came to light, tied together by twine. They were full of recipes. Stored away from light, in a not too humid environment, the recipes were almost all still legible. Some of them bore annotations, comments, variations. In others, the name of the person who had dictated it stood out. Many of them, we discovered, were used to preserve and flavor the ancient peasant gold: meat.​

We soon started studying those blends, recreating them, tasting them, sharing them. We never stopped from there: supported by relatives and friends infected by our same passion, in a few months we managed to build a small but detailed archive of notebooks containing flavoring preparations, which in some cases date back to the mid-eighteenth century.

The idea of founding Alceste Aromi came naturally to us. As well as that of dedicating it to the great-grandfather Alceste, in the attic of which destiny had manifested itself to us, guarded by old creaky wooden trunks.

Today Alceste Aromi has found its position in the vast spice market, so popular in recent years.

We are certain that there is nothing more surprising and innovative than awareness of one's gastronomic heritage.

Antico documento Alceste Aromi
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