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Casareccia Pasta - Bronze Drawn

Casareccia Pasta - Bronze Drawn


Pasta Casareccia is a specialty of durum wheat variety "Cappelli" obtained from stone-ground organic flour, extruded through bronze and slowly dried at low temperature. Durum wheat in the "Cappelli" variety is grown in our fields in the Emilian Apennines.
It cooks in 7 minutes.


    Stone ground durum wheat flour, “Capelli” variety
    Contains gluten

    Average nutritional values per 100gr.

    Energy value 1354.2/321 Kj/Kcal

    Fats 1.63g of which saturated 0.31g

    Carbohydrates 72.87g of which sugars 1.93g

    Fibers 3.4g, Proteins 11.7g, Salt 0.02g

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